Upcoming NBA 2K17 and Its New Features

New Features:New Face Scan App,Return of Locker Codes and Signature Animations. And if you need Cheap NBA 2K17 MT Coins can find our site here.


So far, 2K has only dished scant gameplay details on the latest news in the franchise. While fans impatiently wait for the launch, the common question among them stands. Will the new title be better than “NBA 2K16”?

There are some confirmed new features coming in NBA 2K17 :

New Face Scan App
The latest Basketball sim title will feature a new face scan app. Players can now use their smartphones for face scan. This new feature assures to bring better outputs as opposed to “NBA 2K16”.

Return of Locker Codes
The social media account manager confirmed earlier that the locker codes will return as requested by most gamers. “Locker codes are coming back and they are timed locker codes. They’re user-based. They’re actually timed-locker codes. That’s what the community wants and that’s what’s coming to ‘NBA 2K17,” said Singh. 2K has reportedly paid attention to feedback and suggestions from fans so as to make the game better than “NBA 2K16”. However, the new game will use the timed locker codes in contrast to user-based locker codes.

New NBA Signature Animation
The game boasts the new NBA signature animation. Fans can expect the latest iteration of the series to to have the most signature animation contrary to game. Also, it will include full control of “get back” animations, i.e. Shot/Block celebrations, by using the right stick.

More NBA 2K17 News and update please keep eyes on u4nba.com! We will share more news to help you know more about the amazing basketball online game.


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